Dior Multicolor Dioract Sandals

The Dioract sandal features a modern silhouette in khaki embroidered technical fabric and is adorned with the multicolor Dior Petites Fleurs motif, a romantic and vibrant homage to Mr. Dior's passion for florals. The style features an anatomically shaped sole made with an ultra lightweight and comfortable leather. Scratch straps enhanced by a gold-finish metal Dior signature on the upper strap complete the design. The sandal will lend a contemporary touch to any look and may be coordinated with other Dior Petites Fleurs creations from the collection.

  • Gold-finish metal Dior signature
  • Two adjustable scratch straps
  • Anatomically shaped leather insole
  • Notched EVA sole with star, Christian Dior's lucky symbol
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